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  • Try keeping a food diary!

    Making sure that my children (and my husband) eat right on a daily basis and stay healthy is something that I take very seriously, and something that Snikkidy’s low calorie snacks help with a lot especially when I’m packing Sunny & Sadie’s bags as they run off for school.  But sometimes trying to manage a whole family’s nutrition tends to fall onto the backburner.

    I know that healthy nutrition, for many families, is an issue that was once emphasized but as life got busier they simply forgot to keep track of things. After all, sometimes eating out or just whipping up burgers or chicken tenders is faster and easier (and gets less complaints too). The best way I know to help families really go back and see what the state of their diet is, is to start a food dairy.

    Food diaries are just what they sound like. All you need to do is jot down what you and your family members eat on paper or with an online service (there are plenty of good ones out there—just look for them!) and then look back at how you are doing over any given week. The results can be eye opening, especially for those who once emphasized healthy eating but have let it slide a little bit. It also forces you to really question what your children are eating at school or on the weekends (especially for adolescents, who need healthy nutrition just as much as the little ones!).

    My husband and I have kept these diaries for about a month or two at various points in our life together, and they always serve as a good check-up for us. I’ve also heard of couples or families trying to keep weight down who are required to turn in their diaries to their doctor or nutritionist so that they are accountable for what they eat. But personally even the thought that I can look back on what my standards used to be is enough for me to make sure that I (and Sunny & Sadie) keep eating right even when things get rushed.

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