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  • Great Snack Ideas from March- National Nutrition Month!

    Did you know that March was National Nutrition Month? Devoting an entire month to the importance of nutrition is a great idea for helping to increase awareness of the importance of eating right to address such concerns as weight gain, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart conditions. And, in honor of the month, released 25 fantastic ideas for the best snacks for kids, as far as health, taste, and more. And here they are—easy snack ideas for all kinds of families everywhere!

    1. Peel a Banana and dip it in yogurt then roll in crushed cereal and freeze it. This makes a delightful desert that is fun to eat.

    2. Ants on a log. Spread celery sticks with almond butter and cream cheese then top with raisins or currants. Fun that children of any age can help make!

    3. Use a whole grain pita pocket and stuff it with ricotta cheese and apple slices, then add a slice of cinnamon.

    4. Make trail mix with cereal, dried fruit, nuts, and more in a sandwich bag. A perfect meal for hikes or walks, just be careful of spilling it in the car.

    5. Use a scoop of frozen yogurt and banana slices between two graham crackers to make a fun sandwich. A great craft idea to do with young children—having them make it themselves will make it that much more fun!

    6. Take a normal yogurt bowl and sprinkle it with crushed blueberries or other fruit, along with granola. Great for digestive health too!

    7. Take and microwave a small baked potato and top it with cheddar cheese and salsa, also great as a dinner item.

    8. Snack kabobs? Put cheese cubes and grapes, or other kinds of fruit too, on pretzel sticks. Long sticks are best but short ones can do as well. You may want to start the holes using chopsticks or some other poker to avoid breaking the pretzel.

    9. Toast whole grain waffles and top with yogurt and sliced peaches. Great as a breakfast option for Saturday morning cartoons.

    10. Take apple slices and dip them into peanut butter just like you would into caramel dip!

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