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  • Even More Great Snack Ideas from March- National Nutrition Month!

    11. Blend milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana to make a great smoothie. A sprinkle of sugar doesn’t hurt the mix and there are infinite combinations of other fruits to choose between!
    12. Make a mini-sandwich using tuna or egg salad on a dinner roll.
    13. Sprinkle grated cheese over a tortilla, then fold in half and microwave for twenty seconds or heat in the oven. Sprinkle with finely cut bell pepper and salsa.
    14. Make instant oatmeal and jazz it up with chopped walnuts or other nuts, and dried cranberry or fruit slices.
    15. Mix almond butter and cornflakes in a bowl, then roll into balls and coat the surface with crushed gram crackers (a great party food too!)
    16. Microwave or oven heat a cut of tomato or veggie soup and have your kids dip crackers in the broth.
    17. Take a normal waffle cone and fill it with yogurt and cut up fruit—just like ice cream!
    18. Popcorn is one of the best snacks for watching movies, especially if your kids have friends over. Sprinkle different types of cheese onto hot popcorn to make a great movie snack that has flavor without salt or butter!
    19. Take vanilla and strawberry yogurt and sprinkle with cereal to make a fantastically tasty banana split.
    20. If your kids enjoy mustard take a flour tortilla, add mustard on top and then include a slice of turkey or ham, as well as cheese and lettuce. Roll it up and heat just like a taco!
    21. You can make sandwich cut outs by using whole grain bread and your favorite set of cookie cutters. Just make your favorite sandwich and press out the middle—just make sure to eat the crust too!
    22. Take an English muffin or biscuit, toast it, drizzle with pizza sauce, and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese: Mini pizzas! Your children will love it and, provided you use a low fat biscuit or muffin as the base, it will be nutritious for them as well!
    23.  Rocky Road: Take and break a graham cracker into bite sized pieces and put them in low fat chocolate pudding (cold) along with miniature marshmallows.
    24. Take mustard on a slice of turkey and wrap around a sesame breadstick: Inside out sandwich!
    25. Parfait: Put a layer of vanilla yogurt and mandarin orange or blueberry in a tall glass with a sprinkle of granola.

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