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  • A story I Read about Recently

    Recently I was reading through articles on US News, burning some time while I waited for a call, and I came across an article so fascinating that I just had to share it with everyone.

    The article, located here, is about Professor of Nutrition Mark Haub who teaches at Kansas State University and decided to give his students something to think about as far as nutrition and weight loss is concerned. This professor did the unthinkable—a junk food diet to lose weight (that title is so intriguing I had to read it!) For thirty days the professor ate “a 10-year-old’s dream diet of Twinkies, Ho Hos, and brownies for each meal.” None of Snikkidy’s low calorie snacks there.

    If you are like me the thought of a diet like this all the time makes you shudder a little bit, especially if you have young children yourself. What kind of example would a diet like this set? But, apparently, it worked. Haub managed to get his blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight down and lost a total of 15 pounds. But here is the catch; he also increased his exercise regime by bicycling, walking more, and playing more with his young children (one of my own favorite exercise routines!).

    Basically Haub wanted to point out that our culture needs to focus on more than just weight loss. If you can lose weight eating anything we as a culture need to better understand the importance of overall nutrition when we talk about healthy living. While for a month a diet of sugary junk food (and he did make sure to limit his calories to about 1800, lower than many who are trying to lose weight) may not put the pounds or cholesterol on, the eventual effects would be horrible for a human body even if the person eating them did manage to keep their weight down! When we teach people about weight loss and healthy living we really do need to take a broader focus and emphasize that nutrition needs to be balanced and also paired with the right amount of exercise—not used to fight off the symptom of weight gain after unhealthy living has already caught up with us! 

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