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April Di Franco

This is me and our dog Cazador after devouring a whole box of tacos, with guacamole and homemade chips. If a camera was always on hand, we could just as easily have been caught munching on a couple of ice cream cones, a homemade pizza, red licorice strips, or Snikiddy Baked Cheddar Fries. (A spoiled dog!)

At my house, what we love best about Snikiddy is that you could rattle off a list of indulgent treats and tack Snikiddy Snacks at the end of it and Snikiddy doesn’t seem out of place. The YUM factor of Mac and Cheese Puffs, or Cheddar Cheese fries is just as high as sugary or processed snacks that taste delicious but aren’t good for you, similar to the way that an orange picked from a tree in the backyard can taste as sweet as candy.

I have always worked on building brands that were first and foremost DELICIOUS, but that also happen to be healthier than most conventional products. KIND Snacks. LARABAR. Tasty Bite. I love the balance of working hard and having fun sharing incredible alternatives to junk food, and creating a buzz with dedicated consumers who are thankful, surprised, or relieved to discover a quick healthy snack that they feel is still a treat to eat.

When I am not working, I enjoy baking cakes along with Martha Stewart On Demand, listening to my dog sing along to jazz trumpets, Alfred Hitchcock movies, board games, and reading to our cat.

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